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Mobifixx is a Company that specializes in Cellular Phone repair. We repair all brands and makes of phones which include but are not limited to BlackBerry, iPhone, iPod, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Samsung, Imate HTC and iPad.

We are known as a mobile phone servicing company that collects faulty and damaged phones from distressed owners, conduct a diagnostic test, repairs and delivers back the mobile phone device. Our team of repair technicians are well trained and have been with us for many years. We constantly upgrade our knowledge almost on a daily basis and in turn impart the same to the other staff so that all the staff are aware of the latest developments regarding phone repair solutions in the industry.

we are also importers and exporters of Cellular Phone spare parts for various brands of phones. We stock phone parts and accessories and it is rare for devices to be pending at our repair center for lack of spare parts.


To create a welcome and informative experience for all who seek to use our unique services. to continually improve, simplify and upgrade service levels, being always accessible to our clients whenever needed.

To be the first name that comes to mind hen quality and quick cellular phone reopair service is needeed, reefining service levels in terms of reliability, quality and speed.

To love seeing a satisfied smile on our clients face when we surpase expectations, renewing our passion and burning desire to keep the smiling always...

Our clients are and remain the reason we exist.

This is our essence, our spirit.

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 Mobifixx - The Class 1 Repair Centre
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